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What I’m Thankful For in WordPress: 2017 Edition

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This year, it’s felt like change is in the air. The WordPress landscape seems to be shifting at the small-to-medium client level, with ever-stronger competitors driving attempted innovation within WordPress, while some giant players (huge hosting companies, “everything” themes) continue to gobble up huge numbers of the worst-informed customers and the rest of the marketplace starts to crunch.

How to Make a WordPress Child Theme

In this week’s Quick Guide, we cover how to make a child theme in WordPress. You can — and sometimes should — just modify your CSS via the new “Additional CSS” feature in 4.7. But when you want to make bigger changes — especially to the PHP in the template files themselves, that’s not enough. That’s where you should be using a child theme in WordPress.

Solo Pine Designs

I’m writing Solo Pine up because they’ve been (specifically, their theme Redwood has been) lovely for a current client project. It’s very rare that a WordPress theme designer offers both beautiful design and clean, not-overdoing-it coding, and Solo Pine fits that ticket.