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Course: WordPress Theme Development (Core Concepts)

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Welcome! WordPress themes are one of the first and most important topics that one must understand to be good at WordPress development. Themes underlie the entire visual half of WordPress site, but often grow to do even more. We’re hoping your find these free content very helpful, as we think it covers some of the most important concepts in doing WordPress theme development for yourself.

What I’m Thankful For in WordPress: 2017 Edition

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This year, it’s felt like change is in the air. The WordPress landscape seems to be shifting at the small-to-medium client level, with ever-stronger competitors driving attempted innovation within WordPress, while some giant players (huge hosting companies, “everything” themes) continue to gobble up huge numbers of the worst-informed customers and the rest of the marketplace starts to crunch.

How to Make a WordPress Child Theme

In this week’s Quick Guide, we cover how to make a child theme in WordPress. You can — and sometimes should — just modify your CSS via the new “Additional CSS” feature in 4.7. But when you want to make bigger changes — especially to the PHP in the template files themselves, that’s not enough. That’s where you should be using a child theme in WordPress.