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An Honest Guide to the Best SEO Plugin for WordPress

This article identifies the best WordPress SEO plugin, explains our decision, and describes what any SEO plugin can and can’t do for you.

This article identifies the best WordPress SEO plugin, and explains how we made our decision. Just as importantly, it’s designed to educate you on exactly what any SEO plugin can and can’t do for you—and what features to look with regardless of the SEO plugin you ultimately choose.

Outbound Links and SEO, Clarified

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As you probably know, SEO is tricky. Google doesn’t publish its algorithm (for great reasons), and so SEO has a “guess what’s in the black box” character that’s relatively rare in the world of technology—as opposed to the world of, say, medieval medicine.

Understanding 301 Redirects in WordPress (Or: How to Not Ruin Your Client’s SEO)

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I find working as a WordPress developer to be relatively low-stress. Giving people a good web presence is both a huge service, and something that doesn’t lead to massive tragedy if you’re not perfect at it right away. It’s not like being a fireman or a fighter pilot, for example.

WordPress SEO Tips

I’ve always had questions about SEO, but nobody’s ever been able to explain it in such a way that sets out what it is, why it’s important and how I can benefit from it. This post aims to do exactly that, with the help of some people much more qualified to tell you about it than I am.

SEO Optimization For WordPress

Today I did something I’ve never done before: I started to “SEO Optimize” my WPShout posts, seeing which posts were doing well in search results and how I can make these posts do better in search results. I also had a fiddle around with my theme to make sure it was all in fine optimised order.