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It’s Never Been Easier to Build a WordPress Site: On The Future of WordPress Freelancing

WPShout has covered the future of creating websites for a number of years: page builders are better than ever, and Squarespace makes it easy for non-tech-oriented users to design impressive professional websites. Now, with Gutenberg, there’s the ability to create reusable blocks with all sorts of content and visual editors that appeal to every type of designer. That’s great news for business owners who need a website, but it’s mixed news for freelance WordPress developers.

WordPress 5.4 Is Out Now

wordpress 5.4

WordPress 5.4, “Adderley,” launched yesterday, March 31, 2020. It’s a very Gutenberg-focused release, with two new default blocks—Buttons and Social Icons—plus a lot of other improvements to the block editor.

WP&UP Can Use Your Help

wordpress shortcode love

We love WP&UP, the UK-based charity whose mission is “Supporting and promoting positive mental health within the WordPress community.” We spoke with trustee/founder Dan Maby at WordCamp US 2018, and were beyond impressed not only with his mission but with how he proposes to go about fulfilling it—read about his four health hubs for details.

Explain Like I’m Five: the GDPR


I get like four emails a day about the GDPR, and because we’re not Facebook, Google, or an ad network, it doesn’t seem world-shaking to what we do. But I wanted to know a bit more, and so I Googled for “ELI5 GDPR,” “ELI5” being short for “Explain Like I’m Five,” Reddit’s awesome format for simplifying complex topics.