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Add a Yelp Widget to Your WordPress Sidebar

Yelp is a force to be reckoned with in the local-reviews space. They’re my go to place to find general opinions about restaurants in a new city, and they also have listing for other things like salons and dentists. If you’ve got a client who does any of those things, or are one of those building a WordPress for yourself, showing off your Yelp profile on your site can make a lot of sense. And it’s pretty quick and easy to do with the free Yelp Widget Pro plugin.

Powerfully Editable WordPress Widgets with the TinyMCE Widget

Widgets are a powerful and useful part of the WordPress administration experience. But by default WordPress doesn’t allow you to make them with the TinyMCE/Visual editing experience that you’re able to use when writing WordPress posts, pages, etc. This is fine for those of us that speak HTML, but if you’ve got a client who doesn’t just figuring out how they can bold or italicize a few words in a widget area can be a lot to ask.

All You Need to Know About Making Widget Areas in WordPress Themes

Some of the best features of WordPress are the ways in which any user, once he or she learned the WordPress interface, can quickly change complex site features. Sidebar widgets are a great example — and one which is increasingly used and useful across many other areas of a WordPress site besides the sidebar. With a little dragging-and-dropping, you can quickly and easily change the appearance of your site.