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WordPress Template Tags: How They Show Post Content & More

Especially when you’re new to WordPress and theme-making, making sense of WordPress template tags is super important and super valuable. It’s actually one of the things I remember spending lots of time not-quite getting. So today we’re presenting the Up and Running chapter for your enjoyment. I think it’s super relevant, and if you can’t explain in a sentence what get_the_permalink does in a WordPress template, you simply owe it to yourself to read it.

How to Compare the Features of WordPress Security Plugins (and Services)

As a part of WordPress Security with Confidence, I built a feature that I felt a lot of people were hungry for. It’s a comparison table of WordPress security plugins. It starts to take people along the journey from “security is a serious topic that I have no idea how to handle” and toward “security is a set of problems I can solve in a variety of ways.” That transition is my motivation for the course, and it’s also the motivation for something I just made free: WPSecurityCompared.com. Which, well, makes it easy to compare WordPress security plugins.

Course: Learn WordPress Development

WPShout has helped thousands of people learn WordPress development since 2009. We’ve published hundreds of tutorials, created a premium WordPress development course, and love teaching what we learn in our day jobs as WordPress developers to would-be WordPress developers like you, who are just getting started, need a bit of extra guidance, or need a refresher.