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Easy Social Sharing with AddToAny

The importance of social media to marketing success on the internet today is hard to understate. It basically is the avenue of marketing success on the internet. I’d add that social share buttons are hardly a solution to finding marketing success on the social media, but helping your audience share you content does markedly make them more likely to do so. (For real success you need more difficult things like engagement with and from your followers, etc.)

Get Your Latest Tweets The Smart Way

If you’ve ever used the Twitter API to get the number of your Twitter followers, your latest status updates, or something similar using the Twitter API you may have come across a little problem that has been bugging me for a while. Twitter has a limit on the number of API requests per hour. So, If you have a high traffic blog or other website you may find that your scripts tapping into their API don’t always return with info from Twitter.