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Easily Add Tables to Posts with TinyMCE Advanced

For those who don’t know, TinyMCE is the technology that under-pins WordPress’s “Visual” editing experience. And if you enjoy that, but wish it had more features, then the plugin TinyMCE Advanced is definitely for you. TinyMCE Advanced gives you lots of features: a menu-bar like you’re probably used to on your computer, the ability to search-and-replace in the editor, the ability to add tables to your posts.

Powerfully Editable WordPress Widgets with the TinyMCE Widget

Widgets are a powerful and useful part of the WordPress administration experience. But by default WordPress doesn’t allow you to make them with the TinyMCE/Visual editing experience that you’re able to use when writing WordPress posts, pages, etc. This is fine for those of us that speak HTML, but if you’ve got a client who doesn’t just figuring out how they can bold or italicize a few words in a widget area can be a lot to ask.

Plugin: Black Studio TinyMCE Widget

In WordPress development, sometimes you’ve just got to use a Text widget. By default, that takes you back to the bad old days of writing your <em>s and <img>s and <a>s manually. If your client needs to edit the widgets you’re creating, that may not be acceptable.