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WordPress themes | Mastering the Fundamentals of WordPress Themes
Themes: The Keys to the WordPress Kingdom

If you’re like a lot of WordPress users, you’re always hitting walls. You can manage your site: write content, upload photos, even add new contributors. What you can’t do is customize it. You wish you didn’t have to call up a developer to perform miracles like the following:

Changing Your WordPress Theme from an External PHP Script

For a recent Press Up project, I wanted to change the running theme on a WordPress installation adjacent to some other PHP code that was doing some work. I knew it had to be possible, and I was even pleasantly surprised to find out how easy it was. It illustrates two novel things I’d not realized about WordPress before, so let’s dive in.

Five WordPress Features We’re Thankful For

It’s the week of Thanksgiving here in the USA, and that got us thinking about gratitude, and the things we’re thankful for. One of them is WordPress. It’s easy to take the software for granted, and skip straight to wishing that your social sharing plugin had a way to turn the Twitter bird upside down—or that TinyMCE didn’t eat your HTML markup when you switched to “Visual”—but gratitude for what you do have is a really healthy thing. We thought we’d take a moment to remember what makes WordPress such an amazing tool in the first place.