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Course: WordPress Theme Development (Core Concepts)

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Welcome! WordPress themes are one of the first and most important topics that one must understand to be good at WordPress development. Themes underlie the entire visual half of WordPress site, but often grow to do even more. We’re hoping your find these free content very helpful, as we think it covers some of the most important concepts in doing WordPress theme development for yourself.

All You Need to Know About Making Widget Areas in WordPress Themes

Some of the best features of WordPress are the ways in which any user, once he or she learned the WordPress interface, can quickly change complex site features. Sidebar widgets are a great example — and one which is increasingly used and useful across many other areas of a WordPress site besides the sidebar. With a little dragging-and-dropping, you can quickly and easily change the appearance of your site.

Free E-Book: Mastering the Fundamentals of WordPress Themes

WordPress themes | Mastering the Fundamentals of WordPress Themes
Themes: The Keys to the WordPress Kingdom

If you’re like a lot of WordPress users, you’re always hitting walls. You can manage your site: write content, upload photos, even add new contributors. What you can’t do is customize it. You wish you didn’t have to call up a developer to perform miracles like the following:

Make Your Themes Better by Getting to Know get_template_part()

One of the easiest mistakes to make when you first start to make WordPress themes is duplication. It’s one of the simplest and most complicated lesson of making good software anywhere, really. Duplicating code with a quick copy and paste is super easy, and in the short term you feel really efficient — look at all these things I’ve accomplished quickly.