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Adding an is_product_subcategory() Conditional Tag to WooCommerce

wp mayor | is_subcategory

I’ve got a project that needs to treat WooCommerce category pages differently from its subcategory pages. Both use taxonomy-product_cat.php, though. What I’d really love to do is change just the search field in that template, depending on whether a particular page is showing a top-level category or a subcategory.

WordPress Post Template Tags: What they are, How you use them, and Why you care

Template tags are such a core concept in WordPress that most people who’ve ever twiddled with PHP in the vicinity of WordPress have used them in some capacity. the_title() is a common template tag, and it belongs to the special class we’re talking about here. But things like get_header(), wp_dropdown_users(), and way more others than I can count, are classified as Template Tags in the Codex.