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What I’m Thankful For in WordPress: 2017 Edition

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This year, it’s felt like change is in the air. The WordPress landscape seems to be shifting at the small-to-medium client level, with ever-stronger competitors driving attempted innovation within WordPress, while some giant players (huge hosting companies, “everything” themes) continue to gobble up huge numbers of the worst-informed customers and the rest of the marketplace starts to crunch.

Stop the Presses: Gutenberg is What WordPress Needs, but It Doesn’t Go Nearly Far Enough

Update December 5, 2017: We have published a new look at Gutenberg, reflecting the plugin’s state several months after these impressions.

“Everyone’s a critic,” as the saying goes, and nowhere more so than around Gutenberg, the upcoming content editor overhaul slated for WordPress 5.0. Gutenberg has been the subject of soaring vision statements, angst-filled comments sections, and dozens (hundreds?) of cautiously-optimistic-to-mixed-to-confused-to-skeptical-to-concerned reviews.

Why Every Web Professional Should Learn WordPress Development

There are lots of ways to make a living on the internet. You can be a marketer who helps people make money online. You can be a social media maven who helps a celebrity like Jessica Alba connect with her fans. You can be an e-commerce seller who sells great niche goods to fans from around the world. You can be an expert at an important technology and use that skill to help people to have better online businesses. And I’ve hardly scratched the surface.