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Understanding “Server-Side” and “Client-Side” in WordPress

Distance | wordpress server and client

This article explains “server-side vs. client side” in WordPress development. This distinction, and how the server side and client side interact, is at the core of not only WordPress development, but of any real understanding of how the web works.

PhpStorm Early Access Program

David spoke at a PHP conference on the essentials of WordPress this past weekend, and met a lot of cool people. One of them was Gary Hocking,┬ádeveloper advocate for the popular PHP integrated development environment (IDE) PHPStorm. It’s under active development and PHPStorm 11 has an Early Access Program — so if you want to get on the bleeding edge of a great PHP development environment, check it out!

Spooky WordPress: Working with the WordPress White Screen of Death

spooky moon | wordpress errors

Halloween’s coming up, and it seems like a good time to remember all the moments of abject terror WordPress has brought into my life. Programming in WordPress is fun for the most part, but, especially as you’re learning, you’ll sometimes hit errors that are both incomprehensible and devastatingly severe. If you really need the site you’re working on to function properly, that can be an edge-of-your-seat experience.

A Crash Course in AJAX for WordPress

Fred and I were just talking the other day about how initially-confusing the way you do Ajax requests in WordPress was to us. Both of us, completely independently, encountered a plugin we were trying to understand, knew was using Ajax, and couldn’t for the life of us tell how. It’s just not obvious when you’re new to all the concepts involved.