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A Comparison of WordPress Two-Factor Options

I’ve been thinking hard about two-factor authentication in the last few months. I think it’s great, but you can’t deny the hassle. So while I’ve enabled it on small number of my most valuable accounts, I admit that I’ve not put it everywhere. I don’t have it on my WordPress sites–partly from avoidance of the (admittedly, relatively minor) hassle it represents, more just out of inertia. Helpfully, I just found this solid article from the folks over at WP WhiteSecurity about what options exist for turning on two factor for WordPress.

Principles of Secure WordPress Code

Security is a very important topic. To secure WordPress, you must have responsible users making use of an instance of WordPress that is only executing secure code (maybe helped by some extra “hardening”) on a secured server. But a compromise of any part of that can invalidate on all your work on any other part. There is no single solution to having a secure WordPress site.

WordPress Security Tips

Search Google and just about every article you come along will tell you that in order to have a secure blog, you need X amount of plugins. I disagree. I use none yet I’m satisfied I have a reasonable level of security. I use a number of techniques to keep the site safe, which I’ll discuss over the course of the post.