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What I’m Thankful For in WordPress: 2017 Edition

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This year, it’s felt like change is in the air. The WordPress landscape seems to be shifting at the small-to-medium client level, with ever-stronger competitors driving attempted innovation within WordPress, while some giant players (huge hosting companies, “everything” themes) continue to gobble up huge numbers of the worst-informed customers and the rest of the marketplace starts to crunch.

On Modded Premium Themes

As someone who quite likes being controversial from time to time,  I thought I’d vent some steam on people releasing “modded” premium themes. This post attempts to take an unbiased view, considering both sides and producing a coherent and acceptable conclusion backed by evidence. Attempts, anyway… Throughout the post I’ll quote two people: Ben Gillbanks who co-founded ProThemeDesign and Foress, the guy behind PremiumMod who kicked this off. Thanks very much both of you.