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Create An Awesome WordPress Theme Options Page (part 3)

So. Here we are. Part three. After creating and implementing our options page in parts one and two, we’re now going to add some options to posts. Or that was the plan; trouble is, it’s a little too complicated to cram into a single post and I don’t have the time to write another five posts explaining how to do it. The good news though is that I found a tutorial explaining how to do it, which you can find on WeFunction.com. Handy that!

WordPress Theme Options: A Guide

These days with so many WordPress themes being released, you need something to make your theme stand out from the crowd. One of the ways you can do this is by creating an awesome theme options page. In this post we’ll explore exactly how to do that. And at this point, it’s worth saying the code used in the next two tutorials has been taken from a couple of themes – the Arras theme and the miniBlog theme (although be wary using it – sponsored links in the footer!).