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How to Migrate a WordPress Site with WP-CLI and rsync

There are lots of ways to migrate a WordPress site. Lots of plugins can do it. You can do it over simple (S)FTP. But the quickest way I know of is via rsync and WP-CLI. But that does come with an important proviso: you need to have access to a shell (via a simple local terminal or SSH) to both ends of the migration. And that’s often harder to do than the plugin or SFTP route. But if you’ve got that, this way is a great deal faster.


As its GitHub documentation notes, the single-file PHP script searchreplacedb2┬áis “not terribly pretty, but it’s portable and it solves an important problem that comes up whenever WordPress sites get renamed.”

Easier Site Migrations: Avoiding DNS Problems with the hosts File

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Over this past month, I’ve needed to migrate quite a few WordPress sites from one host to another. I can say with confidence: it’s still not my favorite process. There’s nothing that should be complex about it, but somehow there are enough moving parts that it’s never simple, and you feel on edge throughout. If you’ve ever put together a chair from Ikea, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Dead-Simple Migration for WordPress Multisite Networks, by ServMask

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We’ve written at length about our love for All-in-One WP Migration, a beautifully simple and easy-to-use tool for WordPress site migration. The plugin is under active development by ServMask, which recently became an official Friend of WPShout (you can see them in our sidebar!), and we stay in touch with them as they develop new products.