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Justin Tadlock’s ButterBean Metabox Framework

As long as I’ve know about him, I’ve admired the work Justin Tadlock does in the WordPress world. He’s recently released a new framework for rich WordPress metadata editing interaction. Basically, think of something like the WooCommerce or Yoast widget that you see on all products or content on your site. ButterBean is Justin’s solution for making those for himself. And other developers can probably get some mileage from it too.

DevPress sold for $14,000 on Flippa

Brian Krogsgard breaking a WordPress news story this weekend: DevPress — a WordPress theme club that began as a collaboration between Tung Do, Justin Tadlock, Patrick Daly, and Ptah Dunbar — each a significant presence in the WordPress space on their own — was sold by its long term owner Tung Do on the website-selling marketplace Flippa. I’m sure the whole thing is pretty “inside baseball” to most, but I was quite glad to hear Brian’s thoughts on the implication of the sale (to a currently undisclosed party).