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The Best JavaScript Framework (For Me): Learning ReactJS Goes Better than Expected

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WordPress developers are officially supposed to learn JavaScript. Not only because it’s homework from Matt: also because the REST API is chugging along in Core, and now we can do everything from build much smoother plugin interfaces to use WordPress as the backend for web and mobile apps. But we need JavaScript to do it.

How To Stop a Post Publishing (Without a Featured Image) in WordPress with jQuery

Require Featured Image JQuery WordPress

This week’s post is something new. It’s new in two ways. First, rather than being a mostly text post, I made this first as a screencast. If that’s a speed and format you like, watch away. (You’ll probably need to watch at 720p or better resolution, ideally full screen. First time recording on the new computer made me forgetful about those issues.)

An Introduction to Javascript Templating with WordPress

I’ve not really done enough with Javascript in a WordPress context to have a strong feeling about the best ways to do things, but I really enjoyed Luke Woodward’s summary of how you can do basic templating in Javascript which takes advantage of some features that ship with WordPress I’d not known about. This was another token of his expertise I’d not realized: