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Course: WordPress Theme Development (Core Concepts)

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Welcome! WordPress themes are one of the first and most important topics that one must understand to be good at WordPress development. Themes underlie the entire visual half of WordPress site, but often grow to do even more. We’re hoping your find these free content very helpful, as we think it covers some of the most important concepts in doing WordPress theme development for yourself.

Adding and Using WordPress Custom Image Sizes: A Guide to the Best Thing Ever

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Update April 4, 2017: Added a section detailing how the responsive image system in WordPress 4.4+ works, and how WordPress custom image sizes interact with this system.

I really love being able to set custom image sizes in WordPress. The power and flexibility this system opens up for building beautiful, easy-to-administer, performant websites is hard to overstate.

Tom McFarlin’s Strategy for Organizing Functions in Themes

I enjoyed reading Tom’s post about what file structure he uses in his themes for PHP functionality. I’ve never really made a WordPress¬†theme with enough custom-function-based functionality to need much beyond five or ten custom functions in functions.php, but for a more complex case I think Tom’s strategy makes good sense. It’s definitely a place to start.