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Fix Mixed Content Warnings and Blocked Content with HTTP/HTTPS Remover

mixed content warning plugin

So you’ve just installed an SSL certificate on your site, and you’re getting mixed content warnings? Noticing Google fonts not embedding, JavaScript files not loading, images missing, and so on? Welcome to another entry in an ongoing topic: why putting a WordPress site under SSL is harder than it should be, and what to do about it—mixed content warning edition.

Theme My Login: Front-End Login and Registration Pages the Easy Way

theme my login | wordpress plugin

I’ve got a client who wants people to interact with his site without ever seeing a WordPress-admin-looking screen. The very simple solution is a well-built plugin called Theme My Login. It puts the login form at a page on the front-end of the site located at, by default, site.com/login/, the registration form at site.com/register/, and so on.