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Theme My Login: Front-End Login and Registration Pages the Easy Way

theme my login | wordpress plugin

I’ve got a client who wants people to interact with his site without ever seeing a WordPress-admin-looking screen. The very simple solution is a well-built plugin called Theme My Login. It puts the login form at a page on the front-end of the site located at, by default, site.com/login/, the registration form at site.com/register/, and so on.

Diff Checker: A Browser-Based Tool for Code Comparison

Human beings are good at lots of things: assembling in nomadic clans of 100 to 200 people, making crude paintings on cave walls, and hunting antelope with spears are only a few that come to mind. However, one thing human beings are not good at is finding one or two differences between two almost-identical blocks of code. That’s called a “diff,” and it’s best left to a computer.