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A Fairytale Ending: ReactJS Drops its Patent Clause

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In a development that seems destined to silence doubters like me, ReactJS moved to relicense itself under the thoroughly open-source-friendly MIT license—dropping the “patent clause” that it had included for arguably sane reasons but that had caused WordPress to drop React for Gutenberg and Calypso, and for the Apache project to blacklist React as well.

Easy Social Sharing with AddToAny

The importance of social media to marketing success on the internet today is hard to understate. It basically is the avenue of marketing success on the internet. I’d add that social share buttons are hardly a solution to finding marketing success on the social media, but helping your audience share you content does markedly make them more likely to do so. (For real success you need more difficult things like engagement with and from your followers, etc.)

Integrating Facebook With WordPress

Despite Facebook being the most successful of all of the social media sites, I’ve never made WPShout a presence on the site or attempted to integrate Facebook onto WPShout in any way. I tend to view Facebook as more personal and other sites such as Twitter more appropriate for both marketing the site and interacting with the people who read it.