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Understanding Copies & References in PHP

The inner workings of PHP aren’t something most WordPress developers need to worry about too much. Especially if you focus on the front end and are a master of flex-box (I’m neither) you probably can safely never understand the subtleties of copies and passing-by-reference in PHP (or any other programming language). But as you make more complex plugins, this stuff starts to get kind of important. Important enough that you should read this great article by our friend Josh Pollock and get at least a little familiar with it.

Tips for getting your plugin approved on WordPress.org

As someone who’s written a lot of plugins andĀ helps manage the approval process on WordPress.org’s Plugin Repository, Pippin Williamson’s simple advice about the things that raise the attention of the moderators is great to know if you’ve ever thought about releasing a plugin publicly (anywhere) but shied away. It’s not nearly as hard or scary as it seems.