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How to Customize the CSS on Your WordPress Site

WordPress 4.7, which launched on December 6, 2106, makes customizing the CSS on your site a whole lot easier. Easier enough that I think it’s worth an explanation. So that’s the topic of this Quick Guide. If you want to know even more about the cool new developer-relevant features of 4.7, check out Fred’s post from Tuesday.

Polishing the WordPress Customizer Experience

Custom car | WordPress customizer

The same day that my last post about the WordPress customizer went live, the WordPress.org Theme team made headlines with their decision that all future themes submitted will have to use the customizer for theme settings. Old themes can continue to use their custom settings pages, but if you want to offer users control of custom features in a theme not currently in the repository, you’ll need to use the customizer. I joked about it on Twitter: