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Why and How To Use Custom Post Types in WordPress

Organizing folders in the same way WordPress organizes custom post types

WordPress sites are great at holding content. Got some words and pictures you want to show the world? WordPress is a great tool for that job. Probably the best. But by default it only has two types of content: Posts and Pages. These are great, by many people have many other types of content: client testimonials, documentation of a project, past projects listings and more. Posts and Pages can be made to house these sorts of items, but there’s a better option: WordPress custom post types.

How to Change the Post Type of a Piece of Content

One of the best features of WordPress is that it’s easy to make powerful post types (content types) purpose-built for different display and related needs. One of the unfortunate things is that the editing experince is so similar accross those post types that it’s easy to accidently create a “Post” when you meant to make a “Quick Guide”. But you don’t need to resort to elaborate copy-and-pasting to remedy that problem. There’s a plugin for exactly that purpose: Post Type Switcher.