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How to Change the CSS of a WordPress Theme (and Not Go Crazy)

CSS going crazy

The subject we’ll be tackling is how to make clean, logical, stable changes to the CSS of your WordPress site. We’ll be accounting for the fact that this often involves overriding existing CSS styles from the original parent theme, as well as plugin files, while leaving them intact—meaning that you’ll be working within a large, often complex landscape of overlapping CSS styles.

The Death of the Boring Blog Post – Easily Add Columns to Any WordPress Post

Smashing Magazine recently published a wonderful post “The Death of the Boring Blog Post” which touches more or less on what I shared the other day – multiple post templates. Today we’re going to expand on that tutorial (except this is the really easy way). It was watching a screencast on Nettuts the other day that inspired this post. Jeffrey Way was showing how to change the background of a post with custom fields (which is yet another example of the brilliance of the things!) when he shows a demo on his personal test area. The test area is a framework called “Flexible-WP”. I have no idea what it’s designed to do, but looking at a post, this is a pretty neat idea. Set some styling and use divs within posts to put posts into columns. Here’s an example. Jeffrey has a grid. This grid can then be applied within posts just by going into the HTML editor in WordPress and adding a div around some text:-