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How to Prevent Browser Caching of a CSS Stylesheet in WordPress

In this video guide, I explain (with a bit of help from my dog, who wanted attention) how to force browsers to load a CSS stylesheet from scratch on every page load. The purpose of this is to disable browser caching of that stylesheet, since in some situations outdated CSS styles can lead to a broken user experience.

WordPress Caching: The Six Different Things People May Mean

“Caching” is, generally, the solution you hear offered for most performance problems a WordPress site has. For things other than WordPress sites, too, caching is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase performance of software without investing in new hardware. (Using the exact same software on hardware that is significantly faster is easier, but probably not cheaper…)

Blazing-Fast Dynamic Caching for WordPress: Interview with SiteGround’s Hristo Pandjarov

SiteGround CachePress
This week, we interview Hristo Pandjarov from SiteGround. Hristo is helping lead the development of SiteGround’s CachePress caching plugin—part of an innovative dynamic caching solution that uses Nginx as a reverse proxy to serve full pages from the server memory.