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Using Beaver Builder to Create Medium-Like Layouts in WordPress

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Beaver Builder is one of my all-time favorite additions to the WordPress ecosystem (see our full Beaver Builder review here). It’s the first drag-and-drop WordPress layout builder I can really recommend, and use without resentment on my own clients’ sites. Given how helpful a good WordPress layout builder is, that feels a bit like saying it’s the first working teleporter—a big deal.

Stop the Presses: Gutenberg is What WordPress Needs, but It Doesn’t Go Nearly Far Enough

Update December 5, 2017: We have published a new look at Gutenberg, reflecting the plugin’s state several months after these impressions.

“Everyone’s a critic,” as the saying goes, and nowhere more so than around Gutenberg, the upcoming content editor overhaul slated for WordPress 5.0. Gutenberg has been the subject of soaring vision statements, angst-filled comments sections, and dozens (hundreds?) of cautiously-optimistic-to-mixed-to-confused-to-skeptical-to-concerned reviews.

Beaver Builder Review: A WordPress Developer’s Perspective

This Beaver Builder review is not paid by, commissioned by, or in any way associated with Beaver Builder. This is my honest opinion as a WordPress professional, who builds websites for clients for a living. Affiliate links are in place, but this post was written to inform, rather than to sell. Enjoy!

A few weeks back, I wrote about Squarespace. Specifically, I wrote about how good Squarespace is getting: for very simple projects with very few custom feature needs, I found that Squarespace is probably a better choice than WordPress.