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Learn to Create WordPress Websites

Here’s the progression:

1. WordPress Power User

A power user is simply someone who knows how to use WordPress’s existing features, including some of the less obvious ones.

What a Power User Can Do

A power user is able to do things like:

Overall, a power user can run an existing WordPress website, and can even make some improvements to it.

What a Power User Can’t Do

In general, a power user can’t do two things:

  1. Create a WordPress website. Relative to using an existing site, setting up a site requires quite a bit more knowledge about what WordPress is and how it works.
  2. Anything involving code. Most power users aren’t code-literate—which is the whole goal of a CMS like WordPress.

2. WordPress Implementer (or Assembler)

A WordPress implementer (or assembler, but we’ll stick with implementer) is someone who understands WordPress quite well—possibly very well—except that he or she generally has little or no code knowledge.

What a WordPress Assembler Can Do

A WordPress assembler can put together a custom WordPress site, using existing tools like hosting installation scripts, configurable starter themes, and page builder plugins.


How to Become a WordPress Assembler