Review Signal’s 2016 Hosting Benchmarks

Review Signal is the online resource for hosting performance. The 2016 edition of their annual Hosting Benchmarks review breaks down hosts into six pricing categories, with absolutely outstanding load testing data on each host in each category. If you care about hosting (which you should), and care about hosting performance (which you should), this is required reading.

Book Review: Duct Tape Marketing

If you’re a freelancer or small business owner who feels a little lost when it comes to how you should be promoting yourself online, check out Genesis expert Carrie Dils’ recent review of Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch. Carrie’s book club for her podcast is a great resource for finding new material that’s related to the world of WordPress. I really appreciated her key takeaway on the importance of creating a complete marketing funnel with something for every kind of visitor who lands on your site. Check it out!

WordCamp Miami 2016: The Mega-Review

If you’re thinking about getting involved in organizing a WordCamp this year, check out this great post from long time WordCamp Miami organizer David Bisset. Over the years, WordCamp has come to stand out as one of the biggest and most successful WordCamps out there. We spoke with David ourselves a while back when we were determining how to get involved with WordCamps, and it was an invaluable conversation. His recap is a complete look at what it took to pull this event off, and is bound to lend you some inspiration for making your own WordCamp great!

A Review of John Blackbourn’s Extended CPTs Library

I’d come across the Extended CPTs library from John Blackbourn before, but had neglected to fully check it out. So when I saw this review from Ian over at the Delicious Brains blog I had to check it out. I was mostly interested, but when I saw the admin columns features I got a lot more excited. Usually I’m too lazy to actually make those but when it’s as easy as Extended CPTs makes it I may just have to start.