Try out Gutenberg, the New Editor for WordPress 5.0

Ready or not, Gutenberg is coming closer to reality with every passing day. There’s a simple first step you can take to get ready: install Gutenberg and try it out. Here’s how.

As a quick executive summary: Gutenberg is the new WordPress content editor. It’s going to replace the “Visual” editing tab that I’m writing this post in right now. You can get the experience that everyone is currently slated to get in WordPress 5.0 today by installing the Gutenberg plugin. Really getting the feel for it is a bigger topic than my simple video above, but it should give you a good first step.

How to Get Gutenberg on Your WordPress Site Today!

  1. Go to “Plugins > Add New”
  2. Search for “gutenberg”.
  3. Install and activate the Gutenberg plugin.
  4. You’ll have a “Gutenberg” menu at the bottom of your left-side toolbar. That’ll be good for the “Demo” if you want a more complete post so you don’t start with an old or demo one.
  5. You’ll also get the Gutenberg experience when you create a new post while the plugin is running 🙂 Give it a try. If things really don’t work for you, Go to “Gutenberg > Feedback” down in the bottom left menu, that’ll take you directly to the feedback page for the project.

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  • Will this editor come in WordPress 5.0 as a plugin with the possibility to deactivate it for the people who likes the current default editor?



  • Nice work David! I had the same question, will I be able to deactivate this plugin if I want to resort back to my previous default editor? Please share that info as well.

  • Mike says:

    Involvement of Gutenberg in the WordPress Core will bring a revolutionary change in the functionalities of WP. It will be of great help to non-technical people who try to stay away of codes for customization. It will even make it easier to customize the look and feel of website. Thanks a lot for sharing such helpful information.

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