Reusable Blocks in WordPress: How-to

There was (and still is) a lot of discussion of WordPress’s latest “Block” or “Gutenberg” editor. It’s still not the case that all WordPress sites have embraced the future it represents. (As I write this on WPShout in Jan 2020, I’m still using the “Classic” “Visual” or “TinyMCE” WordPress editor.) But one of the best features of the new WordPress editor is my focus today: reusable content blocks. Reusable block will make lots of small WordPress editing tasks better, I promise. Let’s get to how!

How to Make and Use Reusable Blocks: WordPress Unlocked

I really can’t think of a feature I was more wrong about in WordPress recently. The power of the block editor coupled with the usefulness of reusable content blocks is just hard to beat. I explain more in this little video:

Reusable Blocks in WordPress: The Steps

So here’s how you create such a block for reuse in WordPress:

  1. First, make the block you want to be reusable. This is as simple as writing the text you’ll reuse across many pages of your WordPress site. Or as I show in the video, just dropping the image you want to reuse into a page.
  2. Then, you’ll make it reusable. To do this, hover the block so its top “toolbar” will appear. On the bar, you’ll click the far-right three-stacked-dots “More options” button. From that menu, you’ll click “Add to Reusable Blocks.”
  3. Add that point, you’ll name the reusable block. This should be the language you (and your other site editors) will think to use to find this block again. So think carefully about the naming. In the video, I called it “LKCS Splash Image” which uses a hybrid of how we talk about the block, and site-name lingo that will be clear. (I wouldn’t necessarily expect “Splash image” to mean the one I’d made for my specific site…). Be sure to click “Save.”

With those step, you’ve created a reusable block in the WordPress block editor. It’s a pretty powerful thing.

Inserting your Block in a New Post! Reuse wisely 🙂

Where these blocks become really useful though (and live up to their name) is where we use them again in a different place. How do you do that?

  1. In a new post or page where you’d like to access your reusable block, you’ll start by clicking the “+” (plus) button anywhere, ideally in the gap where you’d like your reusable block to appear.
  2. After pressing the “+” you should get the “block adding” dialog block. At the top, it should say “Search for a block.” The quickest way to find it is to do a search right there for your block’s name from #3 above. With that, it’ll drop right into place. Easy as that 🙂
  3. (If you hate using search, here’s how to find your reusable block.) For those who prefer to scroll, “Reusable” will be an option (I think usually at the bottom) of your “block adding” dialog. It’ll have a little rectangular arrows icon to its right. When you expand that section by clicking the word. With that click, you should see your reusable block right there.

And with a full reuse, you’ve officially finished with your reusable block. Good luck and efficient editing 🙂

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