WordPress Facebook Widget: Add FB to Your Sidebar

Many people and businesses are proud of their Facebook page. They want to be able to market all the great reviews, posts, etc that they’ve earn on Facebook.  WordPress does many things for you, so surely it has a pretty easy way to get a Facebook widget. And you looked and it wasn’t there. So what do you do? How do you show off a Facebook page in WordPress?

For times like this, seasoned WP Devs will think they need something like a “facebook wordpress plugin” or a “facebook wordpress widget“. It’s that latter one we’ll explain today: a great way to get a WordPress widget to show off your Facebook page. To do that, we’ll use a little free WordPress plugin called “Simple Social Page Widget.” It’s a great little WordPress plugin for our current Facebook widget needs.

Video How-to:  Facebook + WordPress = Power

Anyway, let’s get to understanding how we get a Facebook widget for WordPress sites. Here’s the video of David installing the Facebook Widget Plugin:

Facebook page widget: WordPress Steps Explained

So, you want to know how to add Facebook widget to WordPress. But you want it written out in words? Can do 🙂

  1. From the WordPress Dashboard select “Plugins > Add New”.
  2. Search for “Simple Social Page Widget & Shortcode” by Dylan Ryan and “Install Now”, then click “Activate Plugin”.
  3. Select “Appearance” > “Customize”.
    (click to enlarge)

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  4. From the customizer screen, select the option for “Widgets”.
    (click to enlarge)

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  5. From the widgets menu, select the option for “Sidebar” (or an alternative area where you’d like to insert the widget).


    (click to enlarge)

  6. Click “Add a Widget” and then search for “Facebook”.

    (click to enlarge)


  7. Select “Simple Facebook Page Widget” and add it to the correct sidebar (or WordPress “widget area” if you want to get technical”).
  8. To configure our WordPress Facebook widget, you’ll want to add the URL for your Facebook page under “Facebook Page URL”. Adjust the settings to your liking, keeping in mind you can delete the header and un-check “Show Header” and change the size by adjusting the width and height. Then click “Save & Publish”.

    (click to enlarge)


  9. That’s it! Now it’s time to get sharing!add-facebook-widget-sidebar-wordpress-9

With that you’re all set. Now it’s just time to bask all the extra Facebook likes and views on your post because you’ve enabled this awesome power right on your WordPress site. Best of luck out there! 🙂

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  • Steve Trezise says:

    What we should be working on is ways to make Facebook less important. We need some sort of federated process for sharing social interactions that don’t involve out privacy rights being sold.

  • Cheryl says:

    Steve’s right. I’m just starting out with my online business and I’m just astounded at how much Facebook is necessary to get any kind of traction. I hate using it, but I have to or I’ll just be invisible. 🙁

  • this would have been great but the menu you show at the very top did not appear after I activated your software…PLEASE help me. this is at the top of my screen: Simple Facebook Settings — v1.7.0 I have two tabs, basic and advanced. NEITHER tab takes me to your appearance page. when i go to word press appearance menu and click on the widget tab – your software is not among my widgets however it says it is loaded on the plug in page.

  • Thanks alot for this tip. Activated it successfully

  • You might need to upgrade the SDK, you are using v2.5 but latest plugins use 3.2+, otherwise this the best and simplest plugin.

  • Can we add Facebook widget without any plugin? because installing more plugin get the site loaded slowly. If is there any possible way to add Facebook widget without using plugin please update me.

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