Easily Add Amazon Affiliate Links to Your WordPress Posts

Amazon sells just about everything. And if you’re in the US, or another country where they have a big presence, using your site to make a little money linking to Amazon’s pages for products you love is a very appealing proposition. The Amazon Associates program is an easy way to make a small percentage on all sales of a product that you recommend to your audience. But making the links is a little cumbersome. But it doesn’t have to be.

That’s where the Amazon Affiliate Tag plugin comes in. It’s an easy way to make any link to Amazon you add to the content of your site into an Amazon affiliate link. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Here’s a video explaining in more detail:

And the written version:

How to Easily Add Amazon Associates Links to Your WordPress Content

  1. Create you posts as normal. Link to Amazon pages as normal. (So far, you’re making no effort to assure that your Amazon Associates code appears. That comes later…)
  2. Go to “Plugins > Install New” in your left sidebar.
  3. Search for the “Amazon Affiliate Tag” plugin. Install and activate it.
  4. Navigate to “Settings > Amazify”.
  5. Here is where you’ll need some data from your Amazon Associates affiliate section: you’ll need your Amazon affiliate tag. It’ll probably look something like davidbhayes-20, or XXXXXXXX-##. You’ll past that code into the box labelled “Your Amazon Tag” and you’ll click the “Save Changes” button on the bottom.
  6. You’re set. You’ll notice that if you inspect or click your links, the URL you get will have a “&tag=davidbhayes-20” segment at the end. You’ll be set!

PS: Are you into coffee?

I actually found this plugin while looking for something to help me with a new hobby project I’m doing. It’s called Low Key Coffee Snobs, and our goal is to help you make better coffee without being jerks or making you into one.

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