Quick Guides

Easily Add Amazon Affiliate Links to Your WordPress Posts

Amazon sells just about everything. And if you’re in the US, or another country where they have a big presence, using your site to make a little money linking to Amazon’s pages for products you love is a very appealing proposition. The Amazon Associates program is an easy way to make a small percentage on all sales of a product that you recommend to your audience. But making the links is a little cumbersome. But it doesn’t have to be.

Using Beaver Builder to Create Medium-Like Layouts in WordPress

medium layouts wordpress layout builder beaver builder

Beaver Builder is one of my all-time favorite additions to the WordPress ecosystem (see our full Beaver Builder review here). It’s the first drag-and-drop WordPress layout builder I can really recommend, and use without resentment on my own clients’ sites. Given how helpful a good WordPress layout builder is, that feels a bit like saying it’s the first working teleporter—a big deal.

Control WordPress Widgets without Jetpack: Widget Options

Sidebar widgets are an important part of WordPress customization, and a valuable one for you to know about. And the built-in features are good, but they make it hard to customize when and where a given widget appears (or doesn’t). That’s where you’ve got a wealth of options: both Jetpack and Widget Logic were the topic of Quick Guides we’ve made recently.

Control Your Widgets with Code with Widget Logic

screenshot of the Widget Logic plugin

Widgets have been a core feature of WordPress. Controlling them, however, is something that a patchwork of solutions are devised for and done with. The one we’re covering today is Widget Logic, a plugin. The plugin is great if you’re writing PHP code for WordPress already, as it’s remarkably similar to doing that. But it’s much more convenient.

How to Transfer Your Site to SiteGround: Setting Up and Forwarding a New Email

Transferring your site to a new host can be a bit scary if you haven’t done it before. We thought this would be a good time to teach you how to tackle that site transfer yourself! This post is the third in our series about how to transfer to our favorite host, SiteGround (check out parts 1 and part 2 – and our review of them, if you haven’t already). Today, we’ll cover how to set up a new email address though your cPanel and transfer incoming emails to your existing email client.

How to Attach a WordPress Featured Image to your Post

An example of a WordPress featured image

It’s common practice for publishers to try to make links to their articles and content more visually engaging by selecting an image to go with that content. In WordPress, these images that aren’t in the article but represent it are called “Featured Images”. While it’s important and relatively quick to set a featured image, the process of learning how to do it takes a little time. In this Quick Guide we explain how to set the WordPress featured image on your posts.

Using the Chrome Inspect Element Tool to examine HTML and CSS for a page

A screenshot of using the chrome inspect element tool

Once you have your development environment set up, and a child theme ready to be filled in, there’s one more handy tool you’ll want to understand before you start making changes to your site. Google’s Chrome Inspect Element feature has become a beloved tool by developers because it allows you to see the code behind any given feature of your site from the front end. If you’re using a theme you didn’t hand code yourself, you’ll need to figure out what classes and ids correspond to which parts of your site before you can start making changes. Here’s how to use  Chrome Inspect Element to quickly get the information you need to start designing your site.

How Install the Free Sucuri WordPress Plugin

There are a host of different security plugins for WordPress. They all do different things, and different sets of things in both their free and paid versions. One of my favorite free WordPress security plugins is Sucuri. It’s not all you need to secure a WordPress site, but it is a great way to get some more complete logs of what’s going on in the system and unexpected files are sitting around your WordPress site.