Promotion Opportunities with WPShout

WPShout’s only form of promotion is a yearlong content partnership.

WPShout’s only form of promotion is a year-long content partnership. Because these partnerships involve a close, ongoing relationship between us and our sponsors, we only offer them to organizations whose products we’re really enthusiastic about. So if you think we might like what you do, let us know!

Why Advertise on WPShout?

  • Targeted to WordPress experts. Our weekly WordPress tech tutorials are known for their high quality and thoroughness. As such, WPShout has a large audience of WordPress experts—developers and power users—who are positioned to make significant buying decisions for both themselves and their clients.
  • Vibrant. WPShout is rapidly evolving into the greatest free WordPress learning site. We’ve recently redesigned to better server that goal, and without getting into too much detail, we’re expecting that each of our planned changes will be a big, stepwise improvement for the site.
  • Highly respected. We’re regularly mentioned in the premier sources of WordPress news, such as WP Tavern and Post Status; and our content draws comments from Matt Mullenweg (the founder of WordPress), Andrew Nacin (lead on numerous WordPress versions), and other very thoughtful WordPress people.
  • Growing. We took over WPShout in October 2013. In that time the monthly traffic has more than doubled (+125% unique visitor, pageview, and session growth), and we’re looking to do it again this year. Traffic currently (May 2015) stands at about 17,000 monthly uniques, and 23,000 monthly pageviews—and continues to grow apace.

Details of Annual Content Partnerships:

  • Partnerships are genuine endorsements. We only accept sponsorships from organizations whose work we can enthusiastically recommend. The number of sponsors is capped at six.
  • Partnerships are yearlong, and are an ongoing collaboration rather than just banner display advertising (though that is a part of it). We promote only our sponsors—we don’t offer outside giveaways, ad placements, affiliate arrangements, or the like.
  • Year-round partnerships benefits:
    1. Placement in the “Friends of WPShout” section of our sidebar (visible on every post and page). Includes direct link and any short promotional text you’d like placed.
    2. Placement in the “Friends of WPShout” section of our weekly email newsletter to 2,700+ WordPress enthusiasts. Includes direct link and any short promotional text you’d like placed.
  • “Top billing”: For two months in the year, you will be given “top billing” on WPShout. This can be timed to coincide with major offers or promotions by your company. During this period, you get the following:
    1. Your ads appear in the “This Month’s Featured Sponsor” section at the top of our sidebar.
    2. You’re placed in a special, extended section of the “Friends of WPShout” newsletter with up to two paragraphs of text.
    3. You receive up to two “link posts” from WPShout to the news item of your choice.
  • Menu of promotion options: During the year, you can choose up to three of the following types of promotion with WPShout. If one is right for you, you can choose it multiple times:
    1. A product feature. WPShout will trial one of your products or offerings in-depth, and describe its benefits in a full-length (approx. 1,000-1,500-word) feature article. Feature articles are posted to the WPShout homepage and promoted through our newsletter.
    2. A news feature. WPShout will write up a news event at your company, such as acquisitions, diversifications, product launches, significant hires, as a full-length article.
    3. A technical post incorporating your products. WPShout will include your product or service in one of our weekly tech tutorials. For example, a post on setting up a child theme could use a theme from your theme shop as its demo, or a core WordPress API could be demonstrated by how it’s used in your plugin.
    4. An interview. WPShout will interview a member of your team, focusing on any products and services you wish to promote, and publish the resulting interview as a feature article.
    5. A guest post on WPShout. WPShout will allow a technical person on your team to submit a guest post as a feature. Posts should be relevant to our users (intermediate and advanced WordPress learners), but can be about your products and services.
    6. A giveaway, coupon, or discount code. WPShout will set up, run, and help promote a promotion of your product or service—either a free giveaway or a discount. Promotion will be through our social media channels and weekly newsletter.
  • Possibility of special tie-ins. We are open to (even excited by) finding ways to use and incorporate your products in our own work—that could mean us launching a microsite on your hosting, for example. Creativity is welcome, because we love your product!
  • Cost of a yearlong content partnership: $6,000, paid upfront.


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