Humongous Premium Themes Competition

Last year to celebrate WPShout’s first birthday I ran a competition on the site where I offered readers the chance to win one of nineteen premium themes. Today is also a cause for celebration as WPShout has surpassed two thousand RSS subscribers! This actually happened a couple of months ago, just I don’t obsess over stats so hadn’t seen 🙂

The nineteen-theme-giveaway from last time was in retrospective a little small. This time round thirty readers can win several hundred themes between them.

The prizes

That makes thirty winners and hundreds of themes to be won.

But how do I enter?

An excellent question! You’ll need to be subscribed to the lovely new WPShout newsletter in order to enter!

What’s the WPShout newsletter, though? It’s unlikely you’ll have heard of it, actually. I quietly added a subscription box to the sidebar last week and so far ninety of you have taken the opportunity to subscribe. A couple of times a month you’ll get an email with details of little competitions, theme discounts and other bits of original content. At this stage I’m open to ideas and suggestions, so let me know in the comments what you’d like to see.

To enter the competition, you’ll need to be subscribed to the WPShout newsletter on Monday 14th November. Winners will be chosen at random and a newsletter will be sent out notifying the winners, who will then have a week to get back to me, or their prize will be redrawn.

There’s a box below for you to subscribe — good luck!

Thank you to all the lovely people at all of the theme companies above for providing the prizes!

7 Responses


  • Blavish says:

    Subscribed, hope i win a theme!

  • Chelle says:

    I am apparently one of the 90 newsletter subscribers – tried to subscribe and it says I am already on the list. Thanks for an awesome opportunity to win some great themes and congratulations on 2000 RSS subscribers!

    • Alex Denning says:

      Thank you! And that must mean you were on the *old* list — you should have had an email last week letting you know of the changes. Did you not get the email?

      • Chelle says:

        Hmm….tried subscribing again in the box you have in the post – it says I am already on the list…so this time clicked on “update my preferences” – I am not sure what that means, lol. I guess if you see my email on your list we are in good shape and if not you can always add me manually and I will confirm the email 🙂

  • Detectiva says:

    Lucky I got this news from Brian the founder of Studiopress, and I subscribed just now.
    Hope I’m gonna be one of the winners

  • I subscribed . Hope i will win.