A Review of John Blackbourn’s Extended CPTs Library

I’d come across the Extended CPTs library from John Blackbourn before, but had neglected to fully check it out. So when I saw this review from Ian over at the Delicious Brains blog I had to check it out. I was mostly interested, but when I saw the admin columns features I got a lot more excited. Usually I’m too lazy to actually make those but when it’s as easy as Extended CPTs makes it I may just have to start.

Preview the New Design for the WordPress Themes Directory

As our team’s WordPress n00b, in the past I’ve found navigating the WordPress themes directory effectively to be one of those surprisingly difficult barriers to entry that no one really seemed to be talking about. I was delighted to find out that the UI is being reworked and will include a much more user-friendly theme feature filter. While the release date for the redesign is still unknown, you can check out a preview of the new design here.


Still having a hard time deciding what hosting company to go with even after reading the results from our 2014 Hosting Review? If that’s the case you’ll definitely want to check out HostingReviews.io. Most hosting reviews out there are actually funded by hosting companies themselves, but HostingReviews.io pulls real user comments from social media to compile an honest and much more complete picture of how hosting compares.

WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks from ReviewSignal

Yesterday, November 4, 2014, was a really good day for people looking to make an informed decision about WordPress hosting. We published the results of our annual Hosting Review, and Review Signal founder Kevin Ohashi published a fascinating and beautifully done comparison of the technical performance of all the major WordPress hosts out there. The best part is that many of the same hosts come out ahead in both our survey and his performance benchmarking. Check it out!

Submissions for the 2014 Hosting Review Closing October 14th

Haven’t gotten a chance to submit to the 2014 Hosting Review yet? The window for submissions is closing soon and we want to hear from you!! Our annual Hosting Review aims to provide genuine, high-quality information on the hosts out there—powered by real data from real people. The idea is simple. Click on the link and you’ll find a survey that asks how you feel about about your host(s). We’ll then collate all that data into a set of recommendations which will be published here on WPShout. Collectively, we’ll create an up-to-date, data-driven review of the best WordPress hosts.