Lazy Loading for Faster WordPress: Slow and Lazy Wins the Race

lazy dog lazy loading for wordpress

David wrote a really good article on WordPress site speed a few weeks ago. He also, casually, made WPShout a lot faster—up to an 89% desktop score on PageSpeed Insights, which is about as high as I’ve ever seen a WordPress site score.

Course: A Complete Introduction to the WordPress Hooks System

wordpress hook | wordpress action and filter

This course covers one of WordPress’s most crucial and widely used systems: Hooks, including both actions and filters. We introduce Hooks as an event-driven system, present the key concepts and terminology you need to understand this system, and dig deep into how to use hooks in your own code—including hooking in your own functions, removing previously hooked functions, and creating your own action and filter hooks for others to use.

WordPress’s Conservatism: The Best Worst Thing

At the end of last week, there was a bit of action on the front of the WP (JSON) REST API finally and fully arriving in WordPress core so it can be used universally by plugins and projects without the need for installing an extra plugin. The summary: it’s probably not happening in 4.5, and it may even be some time later than 4.6. (Here’s Sarah Gooding’s story on the Tavern, Adam Silverstein’s meeting summary at I have opinions on that matter, but this is not an article about them. Rather, it’s an article about why this didn’t really surprise me, and where my lack of surprise comes from. This topic has been on my ideas list for a long time, and these events just pushed me to finally publish it.