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I’m working on a site that needs a lot of embeddable videos. I first tried self-hosting them, but got an ominous “Waiting for available socket…” message that made me think that was eating too much bandwidth, so I uploaded them to YouTube.

I’ve dealt with YouTube embeds before and found good plugins for making them responsive, but this one‘s in a different league: it ships with about 30 more options than I realized even existed for YouTube embeds. Just make sure you check the options that matter to you—particularly the “Responsive” option, which is 80% of why I wanted the plugin in the first place, and which is unchecked by default.

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  • Dave H says:

    That’s awesome – the recent WordPress feature of auto-embedding youtube videos SHOULD be great, but i’ve found videos overlapping the sidebar etc.

    This plugin seems to work perfectly.

  • M. Litto says:

    Good plugin. WP auto-embedding works for a lot of things I thought, but it turns out that there’s way more as shown here. Thanks for the post.

  • yeppey says:

    I did try the FREE version but when you embed a live stream channel url to a self hosted wordress. I used OBS for streaming. When i refreshed the website the live streaming is not working but instead it just showed the off line texts that I did put. I thought it will work as what i’ve seen from a video tutorial… I thought it was automatic.

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