Writing WP-CLI Commands that Work

Just yesterday I watched this great talk from Steve Grunwell (who I had the pleasure of meeting at Lone Star PHP 2017) about WP-CLI commands. It’s from Loopconf 2.1. It’s a very good talk about the how, what, and why of making your own commands. If you’ve ever thought about writing WP-CLI commands, or just wondered how they work internally, he does a great job summarizing all of that and more. Here it is inline:

I have mixed feelings about the importance of docblocks in the PHP ecosystem. WP-CLI uses them for terminal documentation and explanations, which makes tons of sense. And if I’m honest most of my hesitance is because I’m lazy and prefer not to document when it feels like too much detail is required. But Steve does a good job convincing of the value of all that and more. Definitely check it out!

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