WP&UP: Supporting Mental Health in the WordPress Community

WP&UP | WordPress mental health

One of the most pleasant surprises of our time at WordCamp US 2018 was that we got to meet Dan Maby. Dan is the founder of WP&UP, a registered charity that exists to support and promote mental health in the WordPress community

Dan explained to us in depth what he’s trying to do, and we really liked what we heard. At WCUS, Dan identified loneliness, isolation, and lack of social contact as among the root causes of mental health issues for many WordPress professionals, and having seen both the highs and lows of WordPress freelancing, we fully endorse that understanding.

We found WP&UP’s approach to addressing these issues to be layered, practical, and very well thought-through. In particular, its four interlocking concerns of “Business Health,” “Skills Health,” “Physical Health,” and “Mental Health” capture well how various kinds of business concerns interact with a WordPress developer’s (especially a freelancer’s) personal life and health.

We intend to offer a longer interview with Dan sometime in the next few months. In the meantime, check out WP&UP, and start to think what best supporting their work would look like for you and your community.

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