WPShout Facebook Group

We’ve made a Facebook group. We’re not completely sure how it’ll work, and what’s allowed, but we’re really interested in seeing what more we can do with more frequent communication in a space that a whole bunch of people are already hanging out. So check it out and play along with us.

We’re trying our best here are WPShout to make sure that you’re learning everything we can usefully teach you about WordPress. We’re continually trying new things, and seeing if it helps. We’ve been selling Up and Running for years, and we know it’s really helping people. We’ve been selling WordPress Security with Confidence, and that’s been good (though less clearly what the market needs or wants). People love that we’re maintaining and improving WPHierarchy.com, and I’m hopeful that WPSecurityCompared.com can become similarly useful and loved. We’re looking at putting together a “PHP for WordPress Course” and a paid, supportive learning community–far more ambitious than a Facebook group :).

Anyway, that’s all just to say that we’re trying things. We hope we can make a group that’s free, useful to us, useful to you, and that everyone is happy exists. We know that that requires some less-fun things like moderation of members and comments, steering the community, etc. We’re hoping that the less-fun pales in comparison to the value it provides on both side. And so we’ve got a Facebook Group.

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