WP REST API Content Endpoints Officially Approved for Merge into WordPress 4.7

Fans of the WordPress REST API will know that it’s taking forever to ship. Some reasons are great—thousands of hours from dozens of volunteers to make sure it’s as right as it can be when it goes into WordPress core—and some are not so great: an oddly political merge process dominated by a few voices with outsize influence.

This week’s very good news is that the WordPress REST API’s content endpoints have been approved for merge into WordPress 4.7, which ships in December. These content endpoints are crucial: they’re the URLs that expose your site’s data in JSON format, such as site.com/wp-json/wp/v2/posts to view your site’s posts.

So with content endpoints officially slated for merge into Core, the clean and easy access to WordPress site data that a REST API promises is officially near at hand. Look for more web and mobile apps that use WordPress as their data store, more app/blog hybrid sites, and more highly customized content editing experiences in the near future.

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