WordSesh 2021 is Approaching

Next week(!) is WordSesh. For those who aren’t familiar, WordSesh is a free online-first (has been doing it since before it became how all events are ;p) WordPress conference. It is totally free for live (and nearly-live attendance). (If you’re a more-than-24-hours-after-conference-end slow poke on a talk, you’ll just have to become a WPSessions member to see talk recordings.)

Our friend Brian Richards (most known for WPSessions) has been running the conference for the last few years, and this years lineup looks set to be great as ever. I’m probably not going to prioritize attending in real-time but that the recordings will be available for free for the whole-event-duration after certainly has my attention.

I doubt I’m alone in feeling a little “behind and overwhelmed” as we swing into the second year of COVID-19-infected reality. So attending WordSesh may be just the thing to get me “back on the horse.” (And if not, that’s OK too ❤️)

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