Check Out WordSesh 2018

WordSesh was the first (at least to my knowledge) WordPress-focused virtual conference. The last one ran in 2016, and since than I’ve from time-to-time heard pining for its return. Brian Richards from WPSessions is doing just that: bringing it back.

A few things have changed, most notably that the schedule is 12-hours, and admission is no longer free. But the price is modest ($25 US) and 12 hours feels much more realistic to me than 24. I also know that Brian is paying speakers and making sure that all the talks are transcribed. These are two very cool changes, and things that have pushed him to charge for admission.

I’m most excited by the speaker and talk lineup. Brian is someone whose taste about dev-conferences I have a high degree of trust in. I’m also really happy that Brian clearly made an effort to have a diverse line-up. He’s pulled in not just a diverse-looking group of speakers, but a diverse set of topics as well.

If you’re free on Wednesday, July 25th, I encourage you to watch live. If you can’t watch live, I think it’s a great conference to watch replays of after the fact. No matter what, you should definitely give the site a quick perusal.

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