WordPress’s Crusade against Technical Responsibility

Andrey “Rarst” Savchenko is one of my favorite WordPress personalities. He’s one of only a few people who really love WordPress a lot, but also sometimes struggles to like it. It’s how I feel a lot too. And this post from him highlights so clearly the cause for a lot of that concern:

However a self–hosted site is far from trivial. You need to know things. Yes, sometimes such nerdy things like what PHP version you are on.

Otherwise… you and your visitors are going to have a bad time.

WordPress threw this under a bus. It became:

Democratize publishing by empowering people to create sites quickly, easily, and without a clue.

They don’t have to care.

Read the post in a little more detail, but the heart of his argument is that by working so hard to let the not-really-technical person self-host WordPress, WordPress has painted itself into a corner with lots of technical hardship and pain. Agree or disagree that the decisions that led down that path are bad, it’s clear that the decision to stop people from needing to worry about complex technical things is exactly the choice WordPress has made.

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