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This Sunday is when we’re “officially” celebrating that WordPress is 15. (I’m going to a party in Denver, with Matt Mullenweg in attendance.) That’s because it was 15 years ago to the day that the first code was pushed to the fork of b2/cafelog that WordPress is today.

Now, WordPress history is a complex topic, but one thing that’s pretty easy to understand is that WordPress has visually come a long way. And it’s really cool (either as an insider who has used it for year, or an outsider who just discovered it yesterday) to see the visuals that underpin WordPress.

Over the years I’ve seen a number of projects that attempt to capture what WordPress has been like over the years. This WordPress Time Machine from 93digital is less-featured but more useful than some my brain vaguely recalls. What I love about it is that you get a quick side-by-side highlight of what WordPress looked like on both the back and the front at the time. For that simplicity, you do lose some of the other very important changes to WordPress: API, edit screen changes, etc.

Check it out! When did you first use WordPress?

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