“WordPress Theme Shops that I Trust”: Curated List of WordPress Theme Developers

wordpress boutique theme developers

Finding good WordPress themes can be really hard, because:

  1. Smaller “boutique” WordPress theme shops often do the best work, especially in terms of not overstuffing their themes with a million badly built, fragile theme options.
  2. Smaller “boutique” WordPress theme shops are the hardest to find.

I recently talked to another WordPress professional, and he swore by this list of good boutique theme developers, from a guy who’s one himself.

To be honest, I found the list a bit hit-and-miss in terms of visual oomph, but I was definitely impressed with some of what I saw here. (To see my own tiny lists of theme developers I know I like, look here and here.)

The next time you need a WordPress theme and you can’t even with ThemeForest, take a look at this list!

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